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New patented technology maximizes your hunting success!

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Deer Hunter's EDGE™ uses solunar data, barometric pressure and temperature influences to calculate the most accurate game animal feeding activity predictions, hour by hour. Many other features are included.

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Price $4.99
Category: Sports
Current Version: 1.0
App Size: 7.3MB
Languages: English
Developer: Browser Kings


  • Auto location by GPS, zip code, or map * User adjustable location
  • Hour-by-hour updated predictions based on changing solunar and weather conditions
  • Future predictions use barometric pressure influence for first four hours only. Temperature influence only applies to current predictions
  • Sun/moon rise/set times * moon phase
  • Current weather and 1-wk prediction
  • Wind speed & direction * visibility * humidity
  • 12-hr barometric pressure history
  • Future predictions through the end of the 21st Century

Deer Hunter's EDGE™ patented technology (Pat. 7,536,375) was developed by wildlife biologists, who are also avid hunters. Check out the Angler's EDGE, already available. Note that fishing and hunting predictions use different technology because fish and animals live in different environments. Adjust your hunting tactics to feeding behavior of the game animal that you are hunting.


Predictions are only available within in the US. If you'd like to see Hunter's Edge™ in your location, please let us know. If we get enough requests, we will add other areas of the world.

For all Angler's EDGE™ application support, please contact

Laylin Associates - 358 East Main Street, Orange VA 22960