Product Reviews

Angler’s EDGE
An endorsement of the AE-2 by a prize-winning fisherman who says,“It is only a small piece of the fish-catching puzzle, but the Angler’s EDGE offers an answer to the question, ‘when are they going to bite?’ ”

Angler’s EDGE
Angler’s/Mariner”s EDGE is spotlighted by Forbes Life magazine.

Mariner’s EDGE (same prediction features as Angler’s EDGE)
A Myrtle Beach saltwater fisherman gives an account of how knowing when to go fishing really pays off.

Deerhunter’s EDGE
Professional Hunter Rolf Rohwer tested the unit on African safaris and describes how the HE-1 applies to hoofed animals in general.  “I found an exceptional level of accuracy from your instrument regarding antelope activity.”

Deerhunter’s EDGE
Whitetail Fanatic editor says, “Having moon phase and weather data specific to your location at your fingertips is priceless, when it comes to being in the right place at the right time in the deer woods.

Deerhunter’s EDGE
A Canadian hunting guide has great success using the HE-1.  See his trophy photos!

Deerhunter's EDGE
"I ran a few independent test with friends that hunted in my area. I asked them to record the times that they saw deer moving during their hunts last week. I was able to obtain over 10 reports within a 25 mile radius that added up to 80% accuracy rating. The reports were surprisingly accurate across the board."
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