SM-5A Depthmate with External Transducer

$263.00 plus shipping. Call 540-854-6749 to order. SM-5A Depthmate with External Transducer

With the transducer at the end of a 12-Ft wire, this unit can be used from larger boats, mounted inside or outside of the hull, on a pole or boathook. This is useful if you are not close enough to the water to use the SM-5. The transducer wire and fitting are waterproof, however, the main unit is not for underwater use and should not be submerged. An optional Accessory Kit contains (A) a strong suction cup bracket for external hull mounting and (B) a Velcro/2-block attachment for pole or boathook mounting (see large view).

By changing the end caps, you can have two Depthmates in one! To convert SM-5A to SM-5, purchase the EC-5 cap (see Accessories). If you need a transducer wire longer than 12 Ft, it can be custom ordered and will take approx. 3-4 weeks. Call us to order.

Features: ·Accurate 2-260 Ft. ·Reads in feet or meters to nearest tenth ·Backlit digital display shows reading for 10-secs at a time or continuously ·1-Yr warranty Specifications: FREQUENCY: 200kz (Beam angle 24) RANGE: 2-260 Ft POWER: 9-V battery is good for 500 10-sec readings (included) MEASURES: 7.8 x 1.7 WEIGHS: 10 oz (with battery)

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