ET-3 UV Sensor for EW-3

Accessory for EW-3 ET-3 UV Sensor for EW-3

Speedtech's new UV sensor offers the latest in ultra-violet detection. This sensor is an accessory to the EW-3 weather station, as it has no display of its own.

Click HERE for lab test results for the ET-3.
Placed outdoors, and aimed at the noon sun, it will give continual readings of UV-B, the harmful light emitted from the sun. The level of UV is then sent wirelessly to the inside station, as an additional sensor number, and displayed with a value of 0-11 and corresponding color and symbol to quickly analyze the UV danger.

The UV sensor set comes with an adjustable mounting pole, which can be simply mounted in the ground, or to a deck, shed, or wall. The UV index is a nationally recognized element of weather, and cannot be measured without a scientific instrument.

NOTE: The EW-3 will accept five total sensors, any combination of temperature / humidity, UV, and air quality sensors.

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