HE-1 Patented Deerhunters EDGE Hunting Predictor with Digital Compass

Product No Longer Available HE-1 Patented Deerhunters EDGE Hunting Predictor with Digital Compass

Pat. 7,536,375

This scientific instrument uses solunar data, barometric pressure and temperature in a patented formula to predict deer/elk activity and hunting success. It gives you solunar and sunrise/set information thru 2099 for anywhere in the world. You can program the unit for any date in the future to plan your hunts. The Swiss-made barometer sensor provides accurate weather forecasts for a 25-mile radius of your location, and an audible storm alarm will alert you to dramatic changes in barometric pressure. The digital compass will keep you on track, and the altimeter functions up to 29,000 Ft.

Patented EDGE pocket computer tells you the best times to hunt!

For a walk-thru demo click here.


·Current deer/elk hunting forecast using solunar data/barometer/temperature ·4-hr future forecast ·Hunting forecasts using only solunar data thru 2099 for any location ·Legal Sunrise/sunset times thru 2099 worldwide ·Time/Date ·Temp & barometric pressure ·Digital compass ·Altimeter to 29,000 Ft (9,000 M) ·16-hr barometric pressure history graph ·Accurate weather forecast ·Severe weather audio alarm (works when unit is off) ·Backlight ·Comes with carry pouch ·1-Yr warranty


ACCURACY: Temp +/- 2° Barometer +/- .01 inHg Compass +/- 5° Altimeter +/- 6 Ft Sunrise/Sunset +/- 4 mins

RESPONSE TIMES: Temp 1 min Barometer samples every 15 mins (works when unit is off) Compass & Altitude 1 sec

POWER: Two CR 2032 Lithium batteries (included)

MEASURES: 4.5 x 2.75 x .75

WEIGHS: 3.6 oz

Customer Reviews

The thing is real
Reviewed by James Thornton from WI

I can’t believe how this thing turned out to be as right as it was. A few times I was sure it was going to be wrong, I’ve been hunting for almost 10 years, but we always saw the deer moving around out there when it said we would.

Having to enter the info into the thing is kind of a pain in the neck, but maybe I’m just lazy. Either way, it is well worth it having put it to the test.

July 2009
Outdoor Writer
Reviewed by Robert Gratson from Dunbar, Pennsylvania

I must admit, I was very skeptical when I first heard about the device. But that quickly changed to very impressed in a matter of hours. I decided to put it to test today. The season is over but a great time to do product reviews. I purposely went out when it said the time was bad just to see what I saw. I saw nothing. When it stated that the time was right, I was seeing deer just as it predicted. Simply amazing! I cant wait to continue this review in full over the next few months.

March 2007
It really works!
Reviewed by Jim K. from Long Island, New York

I have limited time to hunt,and I need to make the most of my time in the woods.This really works!I check out the hunters edge,and when it shows that deer should be moving,I see deer.Thanks so much.

November 2006
Hunters Edge
Reviewed by Anonymous

The concept is great, I have used it on several hunts and I do see deer when it said they should be moving. I am taking it to New Mexico for a Mule Deer hunt to really try it out.

October 2006

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