AE-2 Patented Angler's EDGE Fishing Predictor

Product No Longer Available AE-2 Patented Angler's EDGE Fishing Predictor

Pat. 7,536,375
Angler's EDGE does what traditional solunar tables can't. Its patented formula combines solunar data with the effect of barometric pressure for your exact location. Current and 4-hr future predictions use this formula. Future feeding predictions thru 2099 are based on location-specific solunar data for any location in the world. The unit gives an accurate weather forecast and the audio storm alarm alerts you to weather changes.Pat. 7,536,375

Patented EDGE pocket computer tells you the best times to fish!

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·Current fish feeding forecast ·4-hr future feeding forecast also using barometric pressure ·Future fish feeding forecasts thru 2099 ·Legal sunrise/set times and solunar data thru 2099 ·Time/Date ·Accurate weather prediction ·24-hr barometric pressure history graph ·Severe weather audio alarm (works when unit is off) ·Backlight ·Comes with carry pouch ·1-Yr warranty Specifications: ACCURACY: Barometer +/- .01 inHg Sunrise/Sunset +/- 4 mins RESPONSE TIMES: Barometer samples every 15 mins (works when unit is off) POWER: Two CR2032 Lithium batteries (included) MEASURES: 4.5 x 2.75 x .75 WEIGHS: 3.6 oz

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by George Bagdasarov from New Jersey, USA

Excellent and very precise tool for hobbyist or professional anglers. Very simple to use and comfortable to carry. It predicts the fishing activity so well that fishing fellows are waiting for me on my favorite river spot like a doomsday. Now I know when to be on river on time or cancel the trip completely. With the predictor you don’t have to wake in the middle of the night in order to be there at a right time. Now you know that right time!!!

December 2006

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